outreachWe believe that we are citizens of the world, part of a global community in which we share responsibility for the care for our earth, for one another, and especially for the poor and the marginalized.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells us that the fullness of Christian life is experienced when we take care of the hungry and those in need of shelter, when we visit the sick and feed the hungry.  We are a people of God who reach out to those in need, bringing a tangible sign of the love and presence of Jesus alive and active in our world today. We prayerfully strive to be channels of that love and presence so that Christ can continue to touch and care for all of us through us.

We will respond to the emotional and physical needs of parishioners from birth through death by connecting people with God, with resources, and with each other. We will serve and speak for the poor and powerless, educate parishioners on Catholic social teaching, provide opportunities for social action, and foster awareness that social action is integral to the life of the parish.

Here at home, we strive to assure that all people can find a shelter and safety through our partnership with St. Vincent de Paul Society or the Out of the Cold Program.

Outreach has always been an important part of our Parish and we will continue to do so.  Please consider helping out with any or many of our outreach programs.