· The percentage capacity restrictions are lifted.  Each church can now accommodate as many people as possible provided that physical distancing of 6 feet is observed.  We anticipate this will not exceed 35% (200 people) per mass.  Chairs will be placed in the church for additional seating to accommodate the physical distancing criteria.
· Donation baskets will remain on tables in the Sanctuary and Narthex
· Mask wearing remains required.  Masks should be fitted properly to the face
· Hand sanitizing is strongly recommended for all entering the church
· The individual dialogue with each communicant (The Body of Christ/Amen) is restored.  Both ministers and communicants must wear masks.
· Communion on the tongue is again permitted; however only the priest shall be permitted to dispense Communion in this fashion..  Those who wish to receive the Eucharist on the tongue may approach the priest for Communion only after all other have received.
· The dispensation from the Sunday Obligation remains in effect at this time.