sacramentsThe liturgical life of the Church revolves around the sacraments, with the Eucharist at the center.  The Church celebrates seven sacraments: BaptismConfirmationEucharistPenanceAnointing of the SickHoly Orders, and Matrimony.

The sacramental life of our parish is of utmost importance. We take very seriously the preparation for, and celebration of, each of the sacraments administered at St. Louis. In these pages you will find guidelines and specifics for the celebration of each sacrament.

According to The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth, the sacraments are rooted in two principles:

  1. The life and ministry of Jesus Christ
  2. The Tradition of the Catholic Church- the Church’s wisdom, teaching and practice handed down through the ages under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. (pg 149)

As we journey through our spiritual and physical lives, the sacraments follow our development. In each stage and in each sacrament, Christians can identify the ways God’s grace touches us.